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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / New Testament / Romans

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

Acts Romans 1 Corinthians

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

1 But we saddere men owen to susteyne the feblenesses of sijke men, and not plese to vs silf.

2 Eche of vs plese to his neiybore in good, to edificacioun.

3 For Crist pleside not to hym silf, as it is writun, The repreues of men dispisynge thee, felden on me.

4 For what euere thingis ben writun, tho ben writun to oure techynge, that bi pacience and coumfort of scripturis we haue hope.

5 But God of pacience and of solace yyue to you to vndurstonde the same thing, ech in to othere aftir Jhesu Crist,

6 that ye of o wille with o mouth worschipe God and the fadir of oure Lord Jhesu Crist.

7 For which thing take ye togidere, as also Crist took you in to the onour of God.

8 For Y seie, that Jhesu Crist was a mynystre of circumcisioun for the treuthe of God, to conferme the biheestis of fadris.

9 And hethene men owen to onoure God for merci; as it is writun, Therfor, Lord, Y schal knowleche to thee among hethene men, and Y schal synge to thi name.

10 And eft he seith, Ye hethene men, be ye glad with his puple.

11 And eft, Alle hethene men, herie ye the Lord; and alle puplis, magnefie ye hym.

12 And eft Isaie seith, Ther schal be a roote of Jesse, that schal rise vp to gouerne hethene men, and hethene men schulen hope in hym.

13 And God of hope fulfille you in al ioye and pees in bileuynge, that ye encrees in hope and vertu of the Hooli Goost.

14 And, britheren, Y my silf am certeyn of you, that also ye ben ful of loue, and ye ben fillid with al kunnyng, so that ye moun moneste ech other.

15 And, britheren, more boldli Y wroot to you a parti, as bryngynge you in to mynde, for the grace that is youun to me of God,

16 that Y be the mynystre of Crist Jhesu among hethene men. And Y halewe the gospel of God, that the offryng of hethene men be acceptid, and halewid in the Hooli Goost.

17 Therfor Y haue glorie in Crist Jhesu to God.

18 For Y dar not speke ony thing of tho thingis, whiche Crist doith not bi me, in to obedience of hethene men, in word and dedis,

19 in vertu of tokenes and grete wondris, in vertu of the Hooli Goost, so that fro Jerusalem bi cumpas to the Illirik see Y haue fillid the gospel of Crist.

20 And so Y haue prechid this gospel, not where Crist was named, lest Y bilde vpon anotheres ground, but as it is writun,

21 For to whom it is not teld of him, thei schulen se, and thei that herden not, schulen vndurstonde.

22 For which thing Y was lettid ful myche to come to you, and Y am lettid to this tyme.

23 And now Y haue not ferthere place in these cuntrees, but Y haue desire to come to you, of many yeris that ben passid.

24 Whanne Y bygynne to passe in to Spayne, Y hope that in my goyng Y schal se you, and of you Y schal be led thidur, if Y vse you first in parti.

25 Therfor now Y schal passe forth to Jerusalem, to mynystre to seyntis.

26 For Macedonye and Acaie han assaied to make sum yifte to pore men of seyntis, that ben in Jerusalem.

27 For it pleside to hem, and thei ben dettouris of hem; for hethene men ben maad parteneris of her goostli thingis, thei owen also in fleischli thingis to mynystre to hem.

28 Therfor whanne Y haue endid this thing, and haue asigned to hem this fruyt, Y schal passe bi you in to Spayne.

29 And Y woot, that Y comynge to you, schal come `in to the abundaunce of the blessing of Crist.

30 Therfor, britheren, Y biseche you bi oure Lord Jhesu Crist, and bi charite of the Hooli Goost, that ye helpe me in youre preyeris to the Lord,

31 that Y be delyuerid fro the vnfeithful men, that ben in Judee, and that the offryng of my seruyce be acceptid in Jerusalem to seyntis;

32 that Y come to you in ioye, bi the wille of God, and that Y be refreischid with you. And God of pees be with you alle. Amen.

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