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BIBLE VERSIONS / Bible Wycliffe / Old Testament / 2 Chronicles

Bible Wycliffe - Wycliffe Version, 1395

1 Chronicles 2 Chronicles Ezra

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36

1 And whanne Salomon schedynge preyeris hadde fillid, fier cam doun fro heuene, and deuouride brent sacrifices, and slayn sacrifices; and the maieste of the Lord fillide the hows.

2 And preestis myyten not entre in to the temple of the Lord; for the maieste of the Lord hadde fillid the temple of the Lord.

3 But also alle the sones of Israel sien fier comynge doun, and the glorie of the Lord on the hows, and thei felden down lowe to the erthe on the pawment araied with stoon, and thei worschipiden, and preisiden the Lord, For he is good, for his merci is in to al the world.

4 Forsothe the kyng and al the puple offriden slayn sacrifices bifor the Lord.

5 Therfor king Salomon killide sacrifices of oxis two and twenti thousynd, of wetheris sixe score thousynde; and the kyng and al the puple halewiden the hows of God.

6 Forsothe the preestis stoden in her offices, and dekenes in orguns of songis of the Lord, whiche kyng Dauid made to preise the Lord, For his merci is in to the world; and thei sungen the ympnes of Dauid bi her hondis; sotheli the prestis sungen with trumpis bifor hem, and al the puple of Israel stood.

7 Therfor Salomon halewide the myddil of the large place bifor the temple of the Lord; for he hadde offrid there brent sacrifices, and the ynnere fatnesses of pesible sacrifices, for the brasun auter which he hadde maad myyte not susteyne the brent sacrifices, and sacrifices, and the innere fatnessis of pesible sacrifices.

8 Therfor Salomon made a solempnyte in that tyme in seuene dayes, and al Israel with hym, a ful greete chirche, fro the entryng of Emath `til to the stronde of Egipt.

9 And in the eiythe dai he made a gaderyng of money, `that is, for necessaries of the temple, for he hadde halewid the auter in seuene daies, and `hadde maad solempnytee in seuene daies.

10 Therfor in the thre and twentithe dai of the seuenthe monethe he lete the puplis go to her tabernaclis, ioiynge and gladynge on the good that God hadde do to Dauid, and to Salomon, and to his puple Israel.

11 And Salomon parformyde the hows of the Lord, and the hows of the kyng, and alle thingis which he hadde disposid in his herte for to do in the hows of the Lord and in his owne hows; and he hadde prosperite.

12 Forsothe the Lord aperide to hym in the nyyt, and seide, Y haue herd thi preiere, and Y haue chose this place to me in to an hows of sacrifice.

13 If Y close heuene, and reyn cometh not doun, and if Y sende, and comaunde to a locuste, that he deuoure the lond, and if Y send pestilence in to my puple;

14 forsothe if my puple is conuertid, on whiche my name is clepid, and if it bisechith me, and sekith my face, and doith penaunce of hise werste weies, Y schal here fro heuene, and Y schal be merciful to the synnes of hem, and Y schal heele the lond of hem.

15 And myn iyen schulen be openyd, and myn eeren schulen be reisid to the preiere of hym, that preieth in this place;

16 for Y haue chose, and halewid this place, that my name be there with outen ende, and that myn iyen and myn herte dwelle there in alle daies.

17 Also if thou gost bifore me, as Dauid thi fadir yede, and doist bi alle thingis whiche Y comaundide to thee, and kepist my riytwisnessis and domes, Y schal reise the trone of thi rewme,

18 as Y bihiyte to Dauid thi fadir, and seide, A man of thi generacioun schal not be takun awei, that schal be prince in Israel.

19 But if ye turnen awey, and forsake my riytwisnessis and my comaundementis whiche Y settide forth to you, and ye goen, and seruen alien goddis, and worschipen hem,

20 Y schal drawe you awey fro my lond, which Y yaf to you, and Y schal caste awey fro my face this hows which Y haue bildid to my name, and Y schal yyue it in to a parable, and in to ensaumple to alle puplis.

21 And this hows schal be in to a prouerbe to alle men passynge forth; and thei schulen seie, wondringe, Whi dide the Lord so to this lond, and to this hows?

22 And thei schulen answere, For thei forsoken the Lord God of her fadris, that ledde hem out of the lond of Egipt, and thei token alien goddis, and worschipiden, and herieden hem; therfor alle these yuelis camen on hem.

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